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The first locomotive equipped with ETCS runs in sharp commercial operation

12.5.2022 / Representatives of the supplier association led by ČD - Telematika together with AŽD Praha today ceremoniously handed over to České dráhy, a.s. (JSC) the first vehicle retrofitted with the on-board unit of the European train control system ETCS, which can be put into sharp commercial operation. The significance of this ceremony was underlined by the participation of the Minister of Transport Martin Kupka.

Signed Today! ČD to Buy New Trains for Regions

26.2.2021 / This day, the national carrier has ordered the first 33 new barrier-free diesel multiple units for regions. Nevertheless, the framework agreement made with PESA Bydgoszcz SA makes it possible to acquire as many as 160 units in the case of an interest of other contracting authorities. The new DMU units are similar, in terms of types, to the trains of the same supplier, which are operated in our country under the RegioShark brand. They will be equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS) already from the factory, they will offer 115 seating places, spacious interior, air conditioning, barrier-free access, Wi-Fi or sockets for the recharging of batteries of small electronic appliances.

Response of the České dráhy on the Statement of Objections of the European Commission

30.10.2020 / České dráhy has received, this day, from the European Commission its Statement of Objections in the so-called “Falcon” investigation case. This case has been investigated for about ten years and concerns the alleged abuse of a predominant position on the part of České dráhy on the Praha – Ostrava line. The Statement of Objections is not a decision which would bindingly state that ČD breached a regulation and is obliged to pay a penalty. It is only an indication in which the European Commission announces to České dráhy in what it perceives the infringement of competition rules, and whether and why it intends to punish such infringement with a penalty.

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Statement of the Czech Railways (ČD) to the European Commission’s Statement of Objections

Today, the 10 June 2022, Czech Railways received the Statement of Objections from The European Commission regarding the “Twins“ case. The Statement of Objections related to the investigation launched in 2016, is not a decision on the matter, a statement that Czech Railways had made a mistake, nor is it obliged to pay any fine based on this. This is the European Commission's preliminary view on this matter. A detailed analysis of the document is to be done on which we will comment afterwards.

Czech Railways do not acknowledge that the company had entered into a cartel agreement.

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