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The International Federation of Cultural and Leisure Associations of Railwaymen FISAIC (Féderation Internationale des Sociétés Artistiques et Intellectuelles des Cheminots)

logoThe International Federation of Cultural and Leisure Associations of Railwaymen was established by Western-European railwaymen in 1952. Its main goal is to organise and cultivate free-time leisure activities among railwaymen at the national and international levels. The federation now associates 25 European countries. Its administrative languages are French and German.

Czech railwaymen have been FISAIC members since 1990. The agenda connected with securing the FISAIC is integrated into the Department of Human Resources at ČD’s General Directorate. The honorary office of President of the local association ZS FISAIC ČD is executed by the director of the Department of Human Resources, executive secretary Ing. Jarmila Šmerhová. Every ČD employee expressing interest in working in the individual areas of activity is eligible for membership in the ZS FISAIC ČD.

FISAIC leadership:

Guy Gieres – General President (Luxembourg)
Kurt Neuwirth – Deputy General President (Austria)
Tobias Schwab– General Secretary (Germany)
Pedro Neuenschwander – Treasurer (Switzerland)
Roman Štěrba – Coordinator of the Technical Commission (Czech Republic)

You can find more information at the FISAIC website: http://www.fisaic.org/

ZS FISAIC ČD leisure groups actively working in the Czech Republic:

IFEF – International Railway Esperanto Federation (Czech section of the International Association of Railwaymen Esperantists)
FIRAC – International Federation of Railway Radio Amateurs (SRŽ – Association of Railway Radio Amateurs)


International Federation of Radio Amateur Railwaymen http://www.firac.info/


The Federation of Radio Amateur Railwaymen (SRŽ), which associates radio amateurs from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, operates within ČD. The president and other board members are elected at the association’s General Meeting, and Czech and Slovak railwaymen alternate in the office of chairman. The chairman is presently Peter Kozár, kozar.peter@zsr.sk, and the chairman’s deputy is Kamil Uher, kamiluher@seznam.cz.

International Federation of Esperantist Railwaymen IFEF

logoThe Czech section of the International Federation of Esperantist Railwaymen IFEF operates within ČD. Its board members are elected at an annual conference. The section’s chairman is presently Jindřich Tomíšek, tomisek.ck@seznam.cz, and the secretary is PhDr. Anna Abelovská.

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In the event of interest in membership, more detailed information about FISAIC, FIRAC and IFEF can be obtained from Ing. Jarmila Šmerhová, +420 724 563 235, smerhova@gr.cd.cz


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