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The installation of GSM-R vehicular radio stations continues with its 2nd phase

ČD has completed the process of equipping its vehicles with the GSM-R digital system according to the EIRENE European standard. This followed the first phase, in which it equipped all vehicles operating on the 1st and 2nd corridors with this technology during 2013. For this reason, the project entitled “Equipping railway rail vehicles belonging to ČD, a.s., with GSM-R – 2nd stage” was focused on equipping vehicles operating mainly in regional transport so that by October 2014 all line vehicles were fully equipped under the TSI European guideline. The goal of this project, which was supported by the European Union through the Operational Programme Transport and called “Interoperability in railway transport”, was to install GSM-R vehicular radio stations in 355 ČD railway rail vehicles intended for regular operation on the TEN-T network (the Trans-European Transport Network). The project also involved 104 ČD Cargo vehicles, bringing the total value of the contract including delivery of 459 GSM-R units, assembly, enabling the system and installing the SIM card to CZK 211.14 million (without VAT), and its supplier was the company ČD-Telematika.

At present, all vehicles operating on the main railway corridors connected to the TEN-T European transport network have been equipped with the GSM-R system. The obligation to equip these vehicles follows from European norm TSI-CCS and a Railway Infrastructure Administration guideline, the goal of which is to ensure interoperability on all lines through technical standardisation of the entire area of managing and ensuring railway operations. The required equipment includes the GSM-R system (Global System for Mobile Communication – Railways), which is also an essential component of the future uniform European safety system ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System).

Equipping vehicles with the GSM-R radio system is very expensive. With financial support from the EU, from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport (OPT), priority axis 1 – Modernisation and Development of the TEN-T Railway Network, however, it is possible to accelerate significantly the introduction of interoperability in practice. The approved amount of the EU contribution in this second phase amounts to 42.5% of recognisable expenses, which in the case of ČD with overall expenses of CZK 163.3 million to equip 355 vehicles amounts to a subsidy of CZK 69,402,500. The support recipient will cover 50% using its own resources, and the remaining 7.5% is covered by the state budget. You can find more detailed information on www.OPD.cz.

Main technical parameters of the radio station: 876-880 MHz vehicular transmitter, 921-925 MHz vehicular receiver, 16 channels, sensitivity (a preamplifier is recommended) – better than -140 dBm, precision – 2.5 m CEP

Main technical parameters of the display: RAM – 256 MB, screen resolution – 640 x 480, processor speed – 740 MIPS

Total expenses to ČD, a.s., of the project: 163,300,000 without VAT
Amount of the provided subsidy: 42.50% of recognisable expenses
Overall amount of support: CZK 69,402,500

Contact person:
Mgr. Simona Keller Nováková
KMP- 1. Department of Subsidies

This project is supported by the Cohesion Fund (Operational Programme Transport).

GSM - R (Global System for Mobile Communication- Railways)


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