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Retreat Trains for Companies

If you encounter a larger group of managers aboard a Pendolino or EuroCity train, you probably won’t be surprised. Managerial retreats aboard trains are becoming commonplace...

For this reason, ČD has included among its standard commercial offers the possibility of reserving an open carriage for corporate events. This offer also includes a gastronomy service. The beginning of a business trip can thus take place en route with a full table of food and beverages.

Výjezdní vlak pro firmyAboard a train, one can use one’s time for work as well – and much more efficiently than in a car or bus. This truth is appreciated daily by every passenger who writes a message on a laptop or who quickly studies materials for a meeting on the way to work. A train journey, however, can also offer an opportunity to talk to people and to discuss things for which there is no time during hectic workdays. Transport to a corporate event by car or bus does not allow for such communication. Time spent on the rails is thus decidedly not “lost”. To the contrary, a corporate event can begin immediately after boarding the train. Repeated requests, e.g. from the banking sector, to reserve a larger number of seats in the pleasant environment of an open carriage and to provide refreshments during the journey have inspired ČD to expand its standard commercial offerings. From 1 April 2014, companies can now order a “Retreat Train” – transport to the venue of a corporate event or retreat at a standardised level of quality for a fixed price set in advance.

A whole carriage just for you

At present, it is possible to reserve an open carriage for higher-quality trains in the Prague – Česká Třebová – Olomouc – Ostrava and Prague – Česká Třebová – Brno segments in both directions. If the company orders at least 50 seats, it will have an entire open carriage in 2nd class (with a capacity of up to 78 seats); in the case of a Pendolino, it is sufficient to order 35 seats in order to reserve an entire carriage with a capacity of 53 seats. The commercial offer can be used by as few as 20 passengers, but in such a case ČD will reserve for the group only part of an open carriage, in which other passengers will travel as well. “In this phase, we have intentionally introduced the offer on those lines where modern and comfortable open carriages travel,” says Marie Macounová from the Department of Passenger Transport Sales. “The Retreat Train product includes refreshments. Our basic offering includes chicken tortillas, ham and cheese sandwiches, non-alcoholic beverages such as carbonated/non-carbonated water or soda, and a welcome drink in the form of champagne (also available in non-alcoholic form). But we can also accommodate special refreshment requests,” explains Marie Macounová. Food and beverages are served right in passengers’ seats.

Contact us by e-mail

Larger groups of passengers on business trips will also appreciate this commercial offer for another reason. If they were to arrange seat reservations individually, it is not certain that they would obtain seats in the requested type of carriage, not to mention the fact that the maximum number of passengers which is normally possible to ticket at one time is thirty. But if they contact ČD using the e-mail address obchod@gr.cd.cz, our salespeople will ensure that there are always seats in an open carriage. In the case of a larger number of passengers, it is possible to reserve the entire carriage.

“In cooperation with our colleagues from the Department of Passenger Transport Operations, we will make sure in the event of a necessary extraordinary change in the train's composition, that the carriage in which the corporate group will travel is not affected,” emphasises Jan Bystřický from the Department of Passenger Transport Sales. In such a case, we will ensure in cooperation with the train crew that the carriage ordered for the corporate group is not occupied by other passengers.

Services for every day

“We anticipate that the new service will be used by companies in particular on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which are the typical days for business trips. If, however, an interested party wants to reserve an entire carriage during peak times, i.e. on Monday morning or Friday afternoon, we will handle it operatively, and try to arrange for an extra carriage,” Jan Bystřický explains. The Retreat Train service is not restricted by the calendar, however; it can be used on weekends and holidays as well. Another significant benefit for companies is the fact that this service is paid for by invoice. The key aspect, however, is the fact that we offer the service as a package – the company orders travel documents and refreshments at the same place for a price that is known in advance. And they don’t even need to go anywhere for the tickets – we'll send them by post.

We’re planning other routes too

DIn future, ČD may extend this service to other routes as well. At present, the routes Prague – Ústí nad Labem – Děčín, Prague – Tábor – České Budějovice and Prague – Plzeň – Železná Ruda are in preparation. “We’re even planning to introduce the Retreat Train service on routes where open carriages are not normally deployed; we want to arrange this for our corporate customers. It is true, however, that we are limited by the state of railway infrastructure, so a Retreat Train in its standardised form cannot be organised everywhere. This is truly difficult, for example, in the case of trains pulled by railcars. So the Jizera Mountains and Krkonoše (Giant Mountains), although beautiful, are not well suited to this service for practical reasons,” Jan Bystřický adds. Limitations also follow from stops at intermediate stations (mainly due to the extra carriage) and the provision of gastronomic services.

If, however, a company is already interested in using the Retreat Train commercial offer outside of the mentioned routes, it is possible to contact ČD and enquire. Our salespeople will try to do the utmost for the customer.

Petr Horálek

Advantages of the Retreat Train offer:

  1. Guaranteed transport in a modern open carriage.
  2. For larger groups, the entire carriage is available without an increase in price.
  3. Refreshments during the journey as part of the service.
  4. Provision of travel documents and their delivery to the customer.
  5. We accept payment by invoice.

We accept orders by e-mail on obchod@gr.cd.cz.


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