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Operation, Service and Maintenance

Dílny pro opravu kolejových vozidel (DPOV) is responsible for securing the operation, maintenance and upkeep of rail vehicles. These workshops offer their services not only within ČD, but also to external customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Services offered

    Operation and work on track machinery

    Wagon rentals


    Track machinery repairs, wagon inspections and technical services

    Securing the operation of rail vehicles

    Basic maintenance and upkeep of rail vehicles

    Executing and participating in the organisation of work in connection with eliminating the consequences of railway accidents

    Ensuring the operation and maintenance of assigned cableways and other activities related to ČD’s area of business

Certificates and awards

Quality management certificate EN ISO 9001:2000 for “Work with machinery and mechanisms in building and maintaining railway lines”

Related information

You will find more information about DPOV, a.s. on http://www.dpov.cz.


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