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Occupational medical services

Pracovnělékařské službyThe employer provides health services designated as occupational medical services through professionally qualified providers (entities).

Valid statutory provisions

Occupational medical services (Sections 53-60, Act No. 373/2011 Coll., on special health services) are preventive health services consisting of:

  • evaluating the influence of work activity, the work environment and working conditions on health;
  • performing preventive examinations and evaluations of workers’ state of health for purposes of assessing their health fitness for work;
  • providing consulting focused on protecting health at work and on preventing workplace injuries, occupational illnesses and work-related illnesses;
  • training in the provision of first aid;
  • regular oversight of workplaces and of the performance of work or services.

Contractual basis

The contractual provider of occupational medical services to ČD employees is Dopravní zdravotnictví a.s.

As is the case for other European railway companies, in the case of an external provider of health services the railway company has created a specialist department intended for communication and cooperation with the external supplier of the service – the Department of Compensation and Benefits (O9) of the ČD General Directorate – which has the necessary competence to demand the provision of the service at a level of quality which will not be able to be qualified by the oversight authorities as a violation of the provisions of valid national legislation by the employer. The ordering party has the right to require delivery of the service in an extent and quality which guarantees the safety of railway transport, and possibly interoperability. As the ordering party, the employer is responsible for securing provision of the service.


The competencies of the Department of Compensation and Benefits (O9) of the ČD General Directorate for preserving an expedient ratio of costs incurred for the external health services ordered to their utility for the ordering party include, among others, the following:

  • inspection and evaluation of external occupational medical services according to the contractual arrangement between the service provider and the ordering party (ČD);
  • formulation of specific requirements on the part of the ordering party in respect of the occupational medical services for the provider of these services;
  • procurement of materials required of the employer by law for categorising work (in particular comprehensive procurement of all necessary measurements and objective determinations of the burdens created by factors in the work environment, including ordering these measurements from an authorised or accredited laboratory);
  • responsibility for updating the codebooks of health care facilities, wards and physicians;
  • communication with the Register of Work Categorisation (KAPR) and the Register of Occupational Illnesses maintained by the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in Prague;
  • recording and tracking of the causes of occupational illnesses which have arisen or are impending;
  • cooperation with the Rail Authority in formulating health requirements for the European Train Driver’s Licence;
  • provision of expert consultation for all ČD’s organisational components on the issue of work sanitation and occupational illnesses (including requirements for measurements, other objective determinations, and categorisation of work), on the use of alcohol and other addictive substances, and on necessary amendments to company-internal legal regulations;
  • cooperation on specialist issues of crisis management (pandemic plan, measures to combat terrorist use of biological agents, chemical materials and other expositions);
  • collaboration on research projects;
  • representation of ČD at the International Union of Railway Medical Services (UIMC) and in the medical working group of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER).

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