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Passenger Transport

Passenger rail transport represents one of ČD’s basic activities. Among the main purchasers of passenger transport services are the regional administrations and the state, represented by the Ministry of Transport.

In passenger transport, ČD places great emphasis on introducing its products to customers. Applying this rule assumes access to the market based on segmentation of the customer spectrum. All plans are based on marketing principles.

The activities of passenger transport are realised by the section of the deputy CEO for passenger transport at ČD’s General Directorate.


Basic segments

  • Long-distance passenger transport segment with constituent markets:
    a) products of above-standard quality (category SC, EC, IC, railjet trains)
    b) products of standard quality (category Ex, Rx, R trains)
  • Regional passenger transport segment with constituent territorial markets adapted to the borders of the regions, as the purchasers of public services. Regional passenger transport is further divided into:
    a) suburban
    b) regional
    c) fast regional

Development in the area of regional passenger transport is directed toward the creation of regional integrated transport systems within the borders of today’s regions (regional administrations) as alternatives to individual automobile transport.

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