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26.2.2021 Signed Today! ČD to Buy New Trains for Regions
30.10.2020 Response of the České dráhy on the Statement of Objections of the European Commission
18.6.2020 Shopping in the My Train Application to Be Simpler, It Will Be Possible to Buy Tickets in a Few Clicks
7.7.2017 Prague has become the capital city of European railways today
3.7.2017 Prague has become the capital city of European railways today
3.7.2017 ČD transports 1 million more passengers than last year during the first 5 months of 2017
20.4.2016 ČD to select a supplier for electric fast-train multiple units for use on domestic routes
19.4.2016 ČD to select a supplier for diesel multiple fast-train units for use on inland lines
18.4.2016 ČD to select a supplier for fast-train carriages
18.4.2016 ČD to modernise Pendolino interiors
14.4.2016 ČD trains to receive European Train Control System (ETCS)
3.2.2016 New InterPanter electric multiple units commence regular service between Prague and Brno
29.9.2015 Pavel Krtek in the leadership of Europe’s most influential railway organisation
10.7.2015 Passengers Using Wheelchairs Set New Travel Record
29.6.2015 The new beast of the railways – InterPanter long distance trains
12.5.2015 ČD Group Ends 2014 with a Net Profit of 156 Million Czech Crowns
12.3.2015 Škoda Vagonka will deliver the first two RegioPanter units for the connection to the airport in Ostrava’s Mošnov district
12.3.2015 ČD introduces additional children’s carriages with cinemas
15.9.2014 The SC Pendolino will travel from Prague to the Tatras and Košice
26.5.2014 Blue trains will continue to provide a connection with Hamburg
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