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The joint-stock company České dráhy, a.s. (ČD) was established on 1 January 2003 under Act No. 77/2002 Coll. as one of the successor companies of the original state organisation České dráhy (Czech Railways).

It was founded as a company integrating the business activities of transporting passengers and goods with those of operating railway transport infrastructure in the extent of the state-wide and regional railway lines owned by the state.

Successor organisations

Three successor organisations emerged through the transformation of the state organisation České dráhy.

  • The joint-stock company České dráhy, a.s. (ČD), which provides services in passenger and freight transport, and secures the operability of railway transport infrastructure.

  • The Railway Infrastructure Administration, a state organisation which manages state assets, provides rail carriers with access to transport infrastructure, and secures the modernisation of transport infrastructure.
  • The Railway Inspectorate, an organisational component tasked with determining the causes and circumstances of extraordinary events.


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