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International Activities

ČD is active internationally mainly in two areas. It participates in the activities of a range of international railway transport organisations, as well as in international projects. The most important are its participation in the organisations CER, UIC and OSJD, and in projects funded by EU structural funds or the EU Framework Programmes for Science and Research.

International organisations

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies – CER is headquartered in Brussels and protects the interests of railway carriers vis-à-vis EU institutions. It associates more than 80 railway carriers and infrastructure companies. Among CER’s main areas of interest is support for the development of the railway as a permanently sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly system of transport. The organisation’s activities cover all areas of European transport policy – infrastructure, passenger and freight transport, provision of transport as a public service, the environment, science, and research.

More information is available on www.cer.be.

The International Union of Railways (Union Internationale des Chemins de fer) is a global organisation promoting international cooperation among railways and supporting railway transport generally.

It was established in 1922, is headquartered in Paris, and associates a total of almost 200 members on five continents. In 2005, the “New UIC” was created in order to meet new challenges, especially the liberalisation of railways, the high competitiveness of other forms of transport, and growing economic limitations in connection with the globalisation of transport markets.

More information is available on www.uic.org.

The Organisation for Cooperation between Railways is an international organisation which associates transport ministries and central state railway authorities in 27 countries. Its main goal is to support international rail transport among the countries of Europe and Asia. It endeavours mainly to unify transport and shipping policies and international shipping law, and to improve the competitiveness of railway transport.

More information is available on www.osjd.org.


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