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Employment Policy

Human Resources at ČD

During May 2009, ČD’s management approved a transformation project called Vision 2012. Its goal is to realise restructuring measures focused on improving the company’s economics, optimising control levels and increasing productivity across the company. In the area of human resources, we are optimising the number of employees with the goal of improving the age and professional structure while preserving efficient employment. We realise that our human resources strategy reflects on the company and contributes to shaping its competitiveness on the transport market.

We are cooperating with selected training centres, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions in preparing students. We are focusing on enhancing the attractiveness of employment at ČD, and on underpinning graduates’ interest in professions with long-term prospects for employment in railway transport. Employing graduates and attending to their further professional growth and qualifications contribute significantly to the rejuvenation of our workforce.

ČD’s position plays a fundamental role in the areas of business planning and human resources. This is influenced on the one hand by the political situation as reflected in the transport policies of the state and individual regional administrations, and on the other by the strength and influence of organised labour. This may be company-internal, manifested in particular in collective bargaining, as well as external, manifested in influence on legislation. These specific factors influence changes in the area of human resources and personnel processes.


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