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Human Resources in Figures

Employee Numbers at ČD (ČSD) since 1989

Personalistika v číslech

Employee age structure at ČD

Personalistika v číslech

Professions of key significance for ČD are the following: train driver, head conductor, passenger conductor, cashier, electro-mechanic, mechanic, rail vehicle mechanic and shunter. The average age of ČD employees is 46.75 years, which is close to the average active age.

ČD exerts maximum effort to recruit young employees, and welcomes in particular those interested in operational professions. The principles of strategic recruitment of young employees are accepted and applied, including a motivational programme for secondary and post-secondary school students. Candidates for the position of train driver are of priority interest.

ČD creates an appropriate social background for its employees, whether through employee benefits under a negotiated labour contract or by using the social fund.


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