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The project investigates possibilities for reducing the emissions of non-road diesel engines and for determining problems with a new type of engine intended to meet IIIB emissions limits with respect to the economy of their operation (fuel efficiency, reliability), verifying their parameters in operation, and collecting and evaluating operational data.

Participation in the project enables ČD to become actively involved in the deployment of these motors. In the context of the Czech Republic, this will concern one of three pilot tests of the motor within the project, specifically in a class 814 unit. Technical problems will thus be addressed directly on a vehicle from ČD’s rolling stock, and the insight gained will be taken into consideration in the event that the EU Directive on the emissions of non-road diesel engines is amended.

Total expenses to ČD: EUR 418,560

Contact person:
Jaromír Bittner
Department of Railway Vehicles


This project is funded from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.


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