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GSM - R (Global System for Mobile Communication- Railways)

The project “Equipping ČD railway vehicles with the GSM-R system” involves procuring mobile GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication – Railways) terminals, which are an essential component of the uniform European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), enabling vehicles to comply with European norm TSI-CCS to achieve interoperability on all lines through technical standardisation for the entire control, command and signalling subsystem. Within two stages, 600 rail vehicles owned by ČD and operated on the TEN-T network are gradually being equipped with GSM-R mobile terminals during 2011 and 2012. The second stage – in which 400 units will be installed – will differ from the first stage in that the GSM-R radio stations will now have a terminal compliant with UIC decree 612-4.

Main technical parameters for the radio station: 876-880 MHz vehicular transmitter, 921-925 MHz vehicular receiver, 16 channels, sensitivity (a preamplifier is recommended) – better than – 140 dBm, precision – 2.5 m CEP.

Main technical parameters of the display: RAM – 256 MB, screen resolution – 640 x 480, processor speed – 740 MIPS

The realisation will proceed in parallel with selected units (Rail Vehicle Depots) of the contracting entity ČD. Vehicles are stabled according to the operational availability of rolling stock to comply with the timetable. The actual installation of the radio station takes place in several steps:

  • a check of the approved documentation for the relevant class of vehicle;
  • stabling of the vehicle in a covered area and documented handover for installation;
  • the actual installation according to the approved documentation;
  • performance of a review, technical inspection and tests;
  • functional tests;
  • documented takeover of the vehicle back into operation and a check of the vehicles operability.

Total project expenses: CZK 265,680,000 without VAT
Amount of the provided subsidy: 42,50 % of recognised expenses
Overall amount of support: CZK 112,914,000

Contact person:
Mgr. Simona Keller Nováková
KMP- 1. Department of Subsidies

This project is supported by the Cohesion Fund (Transport Operational Programme).

GSM - R (Global System for Mobile Communication- Railways)


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