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Regional Operational Programmes (ROP)

ČD has recently intensified its efforts toward an extensive renewal of its rolling stock – in long-distance transport as well as in regional transport. An integral part of this strategy is to secure financial resources for the actual realisation. An important source of help in renewing vehicles is the use of Regional Operational Programmes (ROP).

Through seven ROPs and their calls for submissions, ČD is planning to submit a total of 19 projects focused on renewing railway vehicles in regional transport. At present, all 19 submitted project requests have been approved.

Based on the terms of notification, the system of financing has been set up as follows:

  • 40% EU subsidy support,
  • 10% ČD’s own resources,
  • 50% loan.

Vehicles procured with EU subsidy support through the Regional Operational Programmes will be operated in all administrative regions of the Czech Republic except for the South Moravia Region.

A total of 79 new vehicles and 11 modernised vehicles will be purchased:

  • 22 diesel units, each with a capacity of 120 passengers;
  • 28 railcars, each with a capacity of 70 passengers;
  • 15 three-carriage electrical units (of which 3 are dual-system units), each with a capacity of 240 passengers;
  • 4 two-carriage dual-system electrical units, each with a capacity of 160 passengers;
  • 8 double-decker electrical units, each with a capacity of 320 passengers;
  • 11 modernised two-section diesel units.

The total amount of funds invested in the renewal of vehicles is c. CZK 7.5 billion, of which the non-refundable EU subsidy accounts for c. CZK 2.9 billion.

Contact person:

Ing. Tomáš Mohr
Department of Passenger Transport Operations


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