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InterPanter on line R13

In 2015, České dráhy, a.s. (ČD), realised the project “Renewal of rolling stock on line R13 Brno – Břeclav – Olomouc” under the Operational Programme Transport as part of the support area Procurement and Modernisation of Railway Vehicles for Fast Connections between Cities and Regions of the Czech Republic. As the name suggests, the aim of the project was to procure six electric multiple units for line R13. And thus there appeared on the Brno – Břeclav – Olomouc line new “predators” called InterPanter, a name selected by means of a passenger survey even before their first journey. Thanks to these multiple units, it will be possible to gradually decommission antiquated vehicles and thus to provide passengers with comfortable travel at a high standard of quality. The project is also exceptional in that it marked the first time such a plan could be submitted for long-distance transport.

The project was focused on supporting the purchase of new rail vehicles for long-distance (inter-regional) rail transport, specifically the procurement of EMU 350 and EMU 200 trains. As a result of the fulfilment of the project’s goals, rail transport will be more attractive, passenger comfort will be enhanced, and travel conditions for persons with disabilities will be improved. In future, the project will also contribute to enhancing passenger safety and reducing the negative impacts of transport on the environment. These objectives will be achieved through a gradual change in the composition of the rolling stock, by replacing existing rail vehicles with newly procured ones compliant with current standards of quality and safety. The project ranks among ČD’s most important endeavours in the area of inter-regional fast-train transport.

All InterPanter electric multiple units are designed as open carriages equipped with space for transporting bicycles and with hangers or straps to secure them. The interiors are further divided into 1st and 2nd carriage class, including space for passengers travelling with children in 2nd carriage class. Attention has even been paid to anatomically designed seats, which will ensure passenger comfort even when travelling long distances. Air-conditioning is a matter of course. High requirements were placed on the information system for passengers, and the electric multiple units are equipped with exterior and interior information panels as well as the capability to make audio announcements. The entire passenger area is covered by a Wi-Fi signal. InterPanter class electric multiple units have also been adapted to transport persons with reduced mobility, and are designed to satisfy even demanding clients.

In order for the recipient to secure the promise of a subsidy, it was necessary to meet several conditions defined by the programme. One of these conditions was the conclusion of an agreement on an obligation to provide public services per Regulation No. 1370/2007, where the Ministry of Transport concluded a ten-year agreement running until 2025 with ČD on the provision of public services in the area of public passenger rail transport aboard national transport trains operating on line R13. After this agreement was concluded, nothing stood in the way of issuing the Decision on the Provision of a Subsidy. On the basis of this decision, ČD realised this interesting project with EU support and thus added these new modern vehicles to its fleet.

The total value of the contract was CZK 1,342,866,712 including VAT, and its supplier was the company Škoda Transportation. Publicity for the project was handled by the company Friendly & Loyal, s.r.o.

The renewal of rolling stock is very costly. With financial support from the EU, from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport (OPT), priority axis 1 – Modernisation and Development of the TEN-T Railway Network, however, it is possible to accelerate this process significantly. The approved amount of the subsidy, in view of the drawing down of the subsidy funds defined in the Operational Programme Transport 2007 – 2013, will reach 100%. In this case, therefore, total deductible costs in the amount of CZK 1,109,807,200 are equal to the anticipated amount of the subsidy. In May 2016, ČD obtained the subsidy in the full amount, which means that a subsidy in the total amount of CZK 1,109,807,200 was credited to the recipient’s account.

Based on the published call, 85% of the funds will come from the EU Cohesion Fund and the remaining 15% will be provided from the state budget. You can find more detailed information on www.OPD.cz.

Recapitulation of subsidy support:

Subsidy type Amount in CZK
Investment – EU share 943,245,000.00
Non-investment – EU share 91,120.00
Investment – State Budget share 166,455,000.00
Non-investment – State Budget share 16,080.00
Investment – total 1,109,700,000.00
Non-investment – total 107,200.00
TOTAL 1,109,807,200.00

Numerical designation of the vehicles procured as part of the project:

Five-carriage multiple units – class 661

  • 660.101 / 662.101 / 064.101 / 662.201 / 661.101    
  • 660.102 / 662.102 / 064.102 / 662.202 / 661.102    
  • 660.103 / 662.103 / 064.103 / 662.203 / 661.103    
  • 660.104 / 662.104 / 064.104 / 662.204 / 661.104     

Three-carriage multiple units – class 660

  • 660.001 / 661.001 / 662.001  
  • 660.002 / 661.002 / 662.002

Total expenses to ČD, a.s., of the project: CZK 1,342,866,712
Amount of the provided subsidy: 100% of deductible expenses
Estimated overall amount of support: CZK 1,109,807,200

Contact person:
Ing. Tomáš  Mohr
KMP- 1. Department of Subsidies


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