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Vision and Goals

Setting the company’s key strategic goals is essential for clearly profiling and defining it, so that the composition of its portfolio of services offered, resources and means for achieving these goals is unambiguously subordinated to the set corporate vision.

Vision and Goals

ČD must thus occupy an unambiguous position on the open market – it must become a competitive, customer-oriented, and above all profitable company with a firm position on the railway market. ČD must be a company which is:

  • market-oriented, profitable and well-financed;
  • a leader in service quality and customer satisfaction offering much more that merely transporting passengers and goods from point A to point B;
  • operationally efficient and competitive with other rail carriers as well as with road and air carriers;
  • prepared for capital markets and able to acquire funds from other sources than the Czech state;
  • part of the European railway system, with rules that are in accordance with EU law.

Specific strategic goals are structured in four basic areas, and each of these goals has significant influence on ČD’s future success.

Customer orientation

  • Maintaining a leading position in quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive solutions in the provision of transport services, optimisation of sales channels, optimisation of prices.
  • Continuous adaptation of the portfolio of services to customers’ needs (clients, passengers).
  • Fully competitive services are contingent on investment into modernising rolling stock.
  • Internationalisation – joining with international partners who offer competitive international passenger transport.

Stability of the company / system

  • Compensation in the full amount for services in the area of state and regional contracts – influence on sustainable profitability and level of indebtedness.
  • Introduction of a station fee for the use of stations.
  • Completion of necessary one-off restructuring.


  • Application of management principles based on a clearly defined framework of rules for corporate governance and compliance.
  • Strengthening the significance of risk management, accompanied by principles of strategic reporting.


  • Within the holding, subsidiaries are being considered to perform core enterprise activities and to make maximum use of synergies across the company.
  • Joint rules and policies will be applied in the subsidiaries to the greatest extent possible; selected activities will be provided centrally by the parent company (contingent on a functioning model of holding-internal services).


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