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We Launched a Mobile Website for Smart Phones

Has a mobile telephone become an extension of your arm, where you find all the information you need? If so, you’ll definitely like our mobile website…

Spustili jsme mobilní web pro chytré telefonyThus, answers to questions concerning train travel are always available to owners of these devices. Every train journey begins with planning. You can visit one of many ČD Centres, search for connections from the comfort of your home or office over the internet, or open a classic timetable in book form. Some ČD customers are accustomed to finding key information via mobile telephones – even while walking down the street. It’s just for these users that ČD has developed its mobile website.

It works on all operating systems

It’s not necessary to install any additional application on your mobile telephone. Just enter the well-known address www.cd.cz into your telephone’s browser, and the mobile website optimised for touch-screen control will be displayed automatically. “The system has been adapted for all operating systems, including Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Apple’s iOS operating system,” explains Jiří Krejčí from the Department of Marketing and Communication, whose team is behind the new website. The developers at ČD also considered developing an application for a specific operating system, but ultimately opted for a web-based application. “This way, we’ll address a much broader group of users across all platforms, as not everyone is able to download or capable of downloading the relevant application. It would have been a mistake to set up restrictions right at the beginning,” says Roman Menc from the Department of Marketing and Communication, one of the site’s developers.

Purchase a ticket using a mobile telephone? Yes, starting in December.

“It’s one of only a few railway carrier websites in Europe equipped with a fully-fledged map portal through which you can find the current position and delays of all trains, operational restrictions, information about the characteristics of lines, the position of stations and in future also the services provided at stations,” explains Jiří Ješeta, executive director for sales and marketing. Moreover, this December the mobile website will be expanded with an eShop, where the customer can purchase a ticket right on his or her telephone and can just show the code to the train personnel during a ticket inspection instead of presenting a classic ticket. There will be no need to purchase tickets at the ticket counter or to print them out, as when purchasing through the “classic” eShop. And what’s in the works for next year? We can reveal that passengers will soon be able to use their telephones to determine which platform their train will depart from at a specific station. An English-language version is also in preparation, which will enable foreigners to take advantage of the same benefits of the ČD mobile website which Czechs enjoy today. VÁCLAV RUBEŠ


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