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Record modernisation of rolling stock in 2012

The massive rejuvenation of ČD’s rolling stock which has been underway in recent years reached its peak in 2012.

Rekordní modernizace vozidlového parku v roce 2012Last year, new and significantly refurbished vehicles worth CZK 7.7 billion were put into operation! And this does not just involve brand new RegioPanter and RegioShark units or Regio-Shuttle RS1 railcars made by the company Stadler. A gradual change is obvious in long-distance transport as well.

When in 2009 ČD announced a programme of radical and rapid renewal of its rolling stock, there were misgivings. After all, the national rail carrier dispatches almost 7,000 connections each day throughout the Czech Republic. The actual results look very positive for ČD, however: Just last year, new and modernised vehicles worth CZK 7.7 billion were put into operation – the most in the joint-stock company’s history. And this process is continuing.

We’re re-writing the quality metric

Last year, several classes of completely new vehicles were put into service in regional transport by ČD. After deliveries began of Regio-Shuttle RS1 railcars to the Vysočina and Liberec regions in autumn 2011, their numbers increased last year by another 21 units to the current 30. Only three railcars remain until the contract is completed. A totally new development, however, were diesel RegioSharks and electric RegioPanters. Five and six of these, respectively, were deployed last year, and the manufacturers will deliver another 14 RegioPanters and 15 RegioSharks this year. Also, the flotilla of CityElefants for the Prague and Ostrava agglomerations was expanded by six new units, so now a total of 81 of these operate in suburban transport. At this time, the last two ordered units are in production.

Bfhpvee295 driving carriages – better known by the nickname “Sysel” (“Gopher”) – have improved passenger comfort and shortened the time spent at turnaround stations. The national carrier now has 28 of them, and this will be expanded to the final number of 34 this year. Classic diesel locomotives are represented in last year’s count by the final five engines of a total of 19 radically modernized class 750.7 “Bespectacled” locomotives. One of the first modernisation projects was completed in December 2012, with the handover of the last Regionova. Also, 22 modernized class 842 railcars appeared on regional connections in a markedly transformed state.

For a comfortable journey

ČD’s long-distance connections can boast a successful modernization of carriages for fast trains to accessible class Bbdmgee236, of which ČD took delivery of the first 15 last year of a total of 64. The flotilla of restaurant carriages was expanded by 13 modernised class WRmee(61) and WRmee816 carriages, of which there will ultimately be 24. 32 carriages of the new class Bdtn757 contributed to greater passenger comfort on diesel fast trains. This year, not only will additional vehicles be delivered under concluded contracts, but new tenders will be announced as well. Finally, there is great anticipation especially for 2014, when long-distance transport will be radically transformed by the deployment of Siemens Viaggio Comfort units.


Vehicles delivered in 2012

6 RegioShark units*
21 Regio-Shuttle RS1 railcars
6 CityElefant units
5 RegioPanter units
13 WRmee(61) and WRmee816 restaurant carriages
24 class Bfhpvee295 (“Gopher”) driving carriages
15 accessible Bbdmgee236 carriages
5 class 750.7 diesel locomotives
22 Bdtn757 trailers
22 class 842 railcars
36 Regionova units
4 class 380 locomotives*

* Test operations.


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