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Survey Shows Customer Satisfaction Is 81 Per Cent

We bring you the results of the first round of a regular survey of satisfaction and loyalty among ČD passengers, which ran from the second half of November 2012 until the beginning of February 2013...

Spokojenost zákazníků vyšla v průzkumu na 81 procentThe results show that the overwhelming majority of passengers (81 per cent) are satisfied with travel on ČD. Among the more satisfied customers are women, older people and those who travel mainly on SC Pendolino and EuroCity trains.

In the context of the current situation on the domestic transport market, a satisfied customer is for ČD the alpha and omega of business success. There is of course a question as to whether our services are of sufficient quality to prevent passengers from switching to private railways, bus carriers or individual car travel. The survey, which was conducted over two and a half months at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, shows that satisfaction is relatively high – 81 per cent.

We are more traditional than modern

ČD was perceived in the survey as a traditional carrier which is well known and which offers connections where people need them. This positive image is underscored by the fact that 95 per cent of respondents said they feel safe travelling with ČD. Another of the survey’s positive results is that an overall majority of those surveyed expressed satisfaction with ČD keeping to the timetable and with the availability of a direct train connection to the trip’s destination (86 per cent). A similar percentage of respondents were satisfied with the availability of empty seats and the speed of connections, i.e. with the duration of ČD train journeys (85 per cent).

For SuperCity and D1 Express connections, 83 per cent of passengers praised the availability of Wi-Fi for surfing the internet. Less positive, however, is the fact that only 68 per cent of passengers considered ČD to be a modern carrier, and only 63 per cent agreed that the national rail carrier provides the best ratio of price to quality. For 74 per cent of respondents, however, it is their favourite carrier.

Praise for train personnel

In the individual categories, people were most often satisfied with the behaviour and approach of ČD train personnel (94 per cent). By contrast, respondents expressed a relatively low level of satisfaction with the price of fares (58 per cent), with the offering of refreshments in dining carriages (only 59 per cent) and with the price of refreshments on trains (just 35 per cent). It must be added here, of course, that most passengers usually prefer the lowest price possible under any circumstance. Moreover, this question did not take into account the quality of foods, and passengers’ evaluations were not subject to direct recent experience. Nevertheless, the offering of food and beverages on trains is an area where ČD has room for improvement in future.

On the other hand, results were positive concerning the question of whether customers had ever had a negative experience using ČD services, where only 11 per cent said yes – half of whom cited a train delay. (The reasons for delays are usually outside the responsibility of ČD – force majeure, infrastructure administration.)

Regular fares used more often that In-karta cards

Passengers who use trains regularly (at least twice per year), travel with ČD mainly to visit family and friends (24 per cent), to get to work (23 per cent) or to get to school (22 per cent).


Michaela Fričová contributed to this article.

Profile of ČD passengers

The survey consisted of 1,327 passengers who use ČD trains at least twice per year. Data were collected on trains and at stations from 21 November 2012 through 3 February 2013 by means of personal interviews. Women made up 56 per cent of the sample of ČD customers. People from the South Moravia region were best represented in the study (15 per cent), and people from the Zlín region were least represented (2 per cent). Satisfaction with ČD services was expressed by people from villages and small towns with under 10,000 residents (39 per cent of respondents), as well as by people from large cities with over 100,000 residents (20 per cent). All age categories were represented.

Occasional passengers – 15%

  • they travel to visit family and friends, on business trips, during vacations or to take care of personal matters

Perennial passengers – 43%

  • especially students and young people under 35 years of age, they travel mainly to get to school or work, they use special student fares or the IN 25 % customer application, they use In-karta cards more frequently than others

Regular passengers – 41%

  • they usually work, they travel mainly to visit family and friends, to get to work and also to go shopping and to take care of personal matters


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