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Stories of People

Young American Burned in the Czech Republic

12 January 2007, 23:29 Kuřim

A night-time walk by a group of young people ended tragically for their American friend. On the premises of a station – where, by the way, there is a subway crossing underneath the tracks – two boys separated from the others. One – a Czech – crawled under standing wagons, while the other – an American (b. 1986) – climbed over carriages and was struck by electric current. He suffered burns on 50% of his body.

He burned to death in a wagon full of coal

8 February 2007 18:36 Vojkovice nad Ohří

Electrical dispatching detected a loss of power in a tractive line at the Vojkovice nad Ohří Railway Station. Shortly thereafter, the station attendant observed flames coming out of one of the wagons. Fire-fighters were called, and the wagon was moved to a track without a tractive line. To their dismay, the fire-fighters found a dead body (b. 1989) lying atop the load of coal. The cause of death was clearly the electric current.

Adrenaline, risk or alcohol?

7 April 2007 0:34 Plzeň, southern outskirts

Two boys and a girl were returning from a restaurant under the influence of alcohol. They were crossing a road bridge over a railway line. One boy climbed over the railing and stood on the protective plate above the contact wires, but quickly returned. The second, (b.1986) did the same and then jumped into the railway wagon full of coal standing below. At that moment, he was still uninjured. Then he stood up and was struck by the electric current, was burned and fell to the ground. He was transported by air to a burn centre in Prague.

Electric shock burns boy

31 May 2007 18:40 Sokolov, for the first time

A boy (b. 1994) climbed onto a parked freight wagon and was struck by the electric current. He was burned and taken away. It is not known what he was looking for there, but he was in a restricted area.

Instead of holidays, a burn centre

12 July 2007 18:23 Sokolov, for the second time

Three sixteen-year-old girls climbed up onto parked wagons (one track beyond that of the May case) and smoked on the roof. After some twenty (!!!) minutes, they decided to look into the wagon through the ceiling hatch. Two were struck by electric current. One suffered burns on 70% of her body and another on her face and arm. Both were transported by air to Prague. The third escaped without injury.

The movement of children in the restricted area of the railway had the following tragic consequences this year:
- 6 persons involved in total
- 1 boy died
- 3 boys and 2 girls were injured


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