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How to Prevent Injury on the Railway

  • Move about only in specified areas – station hall, platforms.
  • Don’t enter the track area until the train has stopped. You won’t speed anything up and there’s plenty of space on the train.
  • Don’t jump onto a moving train. There will be another one in an hour.
  • Don’t jump from a moving train. You’re not a trained stunt man. If you fall asleep or board the wrong train, just continue to the first station, have a coffee and take the next train back. The train personnel will tell you what to do.
  • While the train is moving, don’t move about in the immediate vicinity of the doors. You never know who’s played with them.
  • Don’t let children run around the carriage unsupervised, and definitely don’t walk on or near the tracks. These paths lead straight to hell.
  • Don’t cross the track except at specified crossings. Trains travel much faster than you think – even up to 160 km/h in the Czech Republic! The train driver will be unable to stop before reaching you. He might not even notice you. “I ran into a deer or a bag of trash or soemthing,” he may say in the report. From his perspective, and at that speed, that’s really what it looks like.
  • Use subways or elevated crossings – that’s why they were built at considerable expense.
  • On a two-track line, never cross before or after a train. Many haven’t made it across.
  • Don’t climb on the ladders of freight wagons or locomotives. Death is nearby. The 25,000-volt current in the contact wire is 114 times higher than what you have in your outlet at home. You might survive, but you’ll be maimed.
  • If you want to commit suicide, don’t walk on the tracks. Your remains will look horrible. All the passengers that you will delay for several hours will curse you. And they definitely won’t feel sorry for you. Better just to go have a beer or a coffee – or better still to seek professional help.


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