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Preventive Train 2012

As in previous years, this spring a special train will set out on the Czech railway network, the task of which is to transport neither passengers nor freight, but to bring information to people which they can use to save their health and many lives.



This is the Preventive Train – a joint project of ČD, the Railway Inspectorate, the BESIP department of the Ministry of Transport, the Police of the Czech Republic, ČD Cargo and first responders. The project’s goal is to familiarise the public – especially primary and secondary school students – with the main risks of improper behaviour on the railway.

This year’s Preventive Train – already the eighth – will start on 24 April and will be in Hradec Králové on 24 and 25 April, and then in Kolín on 26 and 27 April. Patronage over this project is provided by Hradec Králové Regional Governor Lubomír Franc and Central Bohemia Regional Governor David Rath.

Preventivní vlak vyjede už poosmé, letos zamíří do východních a středních ČechThe expert guarantor of the Preventive Train is Robert Drozda. “I asked the question whether this event is necessary. After all, we’ve already travelled to all the regional capitals in the country. Our train has been visited by more than 12,000 children and youths. Aren’t we repeating ourselves? Then I saw the following picture of a twelve-year-old boy who was playing in the track bed and was hit by a train. It was only travelling 40 km/h before the accident, but the boy still didn’t manage to get out of the way in time. Not even at this speed can a train driver stop a train on a dime,” explains Robert Drozda.

"It’s good. He’s alive (for now). He’s not under a black sheet but in the care of doctors.

And he adds: „“I decided immediately. A new generation has emerged. Even if we travelled year-round, not everyone would go through the Preventive Train. On the other hand – the more people we reach the better. I’ll be even more emphatic, the pictures will be even uglier, but this will benefit the goal of the project. This is about the health and lives of our children!”

Who is the Preventive Train travelling to see and why?

Preventivní vlak 2012The railway network in the Czech Republic is among the densest in Europe, which is admirable. Unfortunately, this also brings one negative – a large number of extraordinary events which often end in death. And most of these tragedies arise needlessly, through poor discipline on the part of drivers or pedestrians at railway crossings, senseless running across the tracks, jumping onto moving trains or being in places where there is a danger of electrical shock.

It is sad that the victims of foolish and dangerous behaviour on the railway include young people, and that’s why this preventive safety event is intended for them.

What can visitors to the Preventive Train expect?

The first wagon is a special cinema carriage for screening films on safety prepared by project partners. Viewers will see what dangers they can encounter on the railway if they do not respect the set rules. Also included is a film in which a girl who has been burned by electric current recounts the biggest mistake of her life.

Preventivní vlak 2012In the second, a conference carriage, visitors will be able to discuss with experts who work with railway accidents. They will meet with investigators from the Railway Inspectorate, ČD and the Police of the Czech Republic. The carriage is equipped with modern technology, and thus there are more than mere words.

In the third, a rescue carriage, children can find out in practice whether they are able to react correctly in the event of an accident. Here it’s not about what if; here it’s about doing it. We recommend that children not wear festive clothing. Visitors will be attended to by rescuers with many years’ experience responding to railway accidents.

How to visit the Preventive Train

We will always begin on the scheduled days from 8:15, 9:00, etc. The duration of the cycle for one group is c. 110-120 minutes. The maximum group size (the capacity of the carriages) is 35 students. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance for your visit. Schools in Hradec Králové and Kolín were informed in advance. The target group is 12-19 years of age. In view of the use of conclusions from real accidents, the Preventive Train is not suitable for children under 10 years of age. Participation is free of charge; all expenses are covered by the organisers.

ČD Cargo, as a partner of the Preventive Train, hopes that the project’s mission, i.e. to warn children as well as adults about dangers on the railway, is fulfilled and rewarded in the best way possible – with a decline in accidents and senseless misfortunes in general“.
Lada Hlaváčková - ČD Cargo.

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Numbers injured and killed on the railway in the Czech Republic over time, source: Railway Inspectorate, www.dicr.cz.



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