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Blue trains will continue to provide a connection with Hamburg

26.5.2014 - 10:09

Czech Railways (ČD) has reached agreement with German national carrier Deutsche Bahn to continue cooperation on the Prague – Dresden – Berlin – Hamburg line. From December 2015, trains with modernised carriages will be deployed on this line. The companies are also focusing on strengthening marketing.

ČD and German railway Deutsche Bahn will continue their cooperation in operating the Prague – Dresden – Berlin – Hamburg international connection after 2015 as well. The agreement on this cooperation has already been signed.

“We consider the line to Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg to be one of the key international routes in the Czech Republic, and we’re happy to have reached an agreement with Deutsche Bahn, our traditional partner on this route, on another five years of cooperation from the change of the timetable in December 2015,” says Daniel Kurucz, ČD’s Chairman and CEO. “Passengers in both inland and international transport will benefit from our cooperation. From December 2015, we will deploy modernised, air-conditioned trains on the line between Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Děčín, and on to Germany. In addition to 1st and 2nd class carriages with 230V electrical outlets for charging small electronic devices, passengers will also have a classic restaurant carriage at their disposal. The carriages will be equipped with a modern audio-visual information system, and each connection will also offer a multifunctional carriage with special seats for passengers using wheelchairs, passengers travelling with small children, and spaces for transporting bicycles,” says Daniel Kurucz, pointing out some of the line’s new features.

ČD trains will serve five of the six connections between the Czech Republic and Germany. One connection will be served by trains belonging to Hungarian railway operator MÁV which provides a direct connection between Germany, Slovakia and Hungary via Prague and Brno. Three of the six international connections between Prague and Berlin will continue all the way to Hamburg.

ČD has already begun to prepare the modernised trains for the Prague – Berlin – Hamburg line, and has announced competitive bidding to modernise up to 71 Siemens express carriages and to modernise and in part also refurbish 22 passenger carriages purchased from Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). The anticipated amount of both contracts is approximately CZK 922 million.

By concluding this agreement with Deutsche Bahn, ČD has reinforced its position in international transport in Central Europe and has ensured high-quality, fast and comfortable connections for our citizens to neighbouring countries and the European railway network. Thanks to the cooperation between ČD and Deutsche Bahn, Czechs will have easily available ICE high-speed trains and EC / IC connections from Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg to other destinations in Western Europe. The cooperation with ÖBB will bring railjet trains, the most modern trains in the Czech Republic, to the line between Prague and Brno. Moreover, it will connect our country to Vienna Main Station, the new European transfer hub. ČD is currently also modernising EuroCity trains from Prague to Budapest and from Prague to Žilina with open carriages of the Bdmpee type, and in cooperation with PKP Intercity it will also restore a direct fast daily connection between Prague and Warsaw.

Information about the Prague – Dresden – Berlin – Hamburg connection from December 2015:

  • 6 pairs of EuroCity trains will run, of which 5 pairs will be operated by ČD trains in the blue corporate colours of the Czech national carrier;
  • the connections will run at two-hour intervals, 3 of the 6 trains will continue from Berlin to Hamburg, and one train will travel directly from Germany via Prague and Brno to Bratislava and Budapest;
  • the connections will be composed of one or two 1st class carriages, a restaurant carriage, and several 2nd class carriages with various seating arrangements; in addition to carriages with compartments, there will always be one multifunctional (disabled accessible with spaces for bicycles) open carriage and one regular open carriage;
  • the train will include a carriage with accessible modifications for passengers using wheelchairs (spaces for placing wheelchairs, accessible WC);
  • the train will be fully air-conditioned and equipped with modern closed-system toilets;
  • passengers will also have these services available:
    • an offering of food and beverages in the restaurant carriage with a bar, refreshments in the form of a minibar;
    • reserved seats for passengers travelling with children;
    • 230 V electrical outlets for charging small electronic devices in 1st and 2nd carriage class;
    • the transport of bicycles;
  • the connections will be pulled by ČD class 380 electric locomotives; ČD anticipates that Škoda Transportation will complete the approval process in Germany for the requested speed of 200 km/h.

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