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Škoda Vagonka will deliver the first two RegioPanter units for the connection to the airport in Ostrava’s Mošnov district

12.3.2015 - 13:49

The first two units under February’s framework agreement for delivery of up to 11 two-carriage electric units will remain in the Moravia-Silesia Region. ČD will deploy RegioPanters on connections between Ostrava and the Mošnov airport. To purchase the two units, the national carrier will draw on financial support from the Regional Operational Programme Moravia-Silesia in accordance with 40% of nearly CZK 90 million. Operations will start on the new line on 13 April; for the time being, the connection will be operated by CityElefant units as part of extended line S2.

Škoda Vagonka will deliver the RegioPanters by mid-December 2015. ČD will take into account the deployment of the new units to the Mošnov airport in preparing the timetable for 2016, which is valid from 13 December 2015.

Modern electric class 650 RegioPanter units offer passengers a comfortable, air-conditioned interior with 1st and 2nd class compartments. Electrical sockets are available, and the units are equipped to operate a Wi-Fi internet connection. The low-floor design allows for easy boarding and disembarking by persons with limited mobility and orientation. The trains are equipped with a modern, closed-system WC which is disabled accessible. Space is also reserved in electric RegioPanter units for transporting bicycles, prams and other bulky luggage. Passengers are kept informed on the progress of the journey by means of a modern optical-acoustic system with an LCD display.

The train’s capacity is 147 seats, of which 9 are in 1st carriage class. Retractable seats are also available. Class 650 units in the RegioPanter family are 53 metres long, weigh 103 tonnes, have an output of 1,360 kW and can travel at up to 160 km/h.

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