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Pavel Krtek in the leadership of Europe’s most influential railway organisation

29.9.2015 - 10:33

On 24 September 2015, the general meeting of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) took place in Oslo, Norway. The general meeting unanimously approved the nomination of ČD’s chairman, Pavla Krtka, M.Sc., to the CER Management Committee. For Pavel Krtek, this comes as significant recognition of his lobbying activities within the European railway community. The nomination was made on the basis of a motion by the European railway’s strongest players, Deutsche Bahn chief Rüdiger Grube and Christian Kern, chairman of Austrian Federal Railways and president of the CER. Following his nomination, Pavel Krtek emphasised that his membership in this prestigious club is yet another challenge for him to advance the interests of Czech Railways (ČD) within the scope of the European railway community, as well as an opportunity to improve communication with neighbouring railways.

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) is the strongest representative of the railway lobby in Brussels. It was founded in 1988 originally by 12 railway companies, and today its ranks have grown to more than 70 members – railway companies (national carriers and private railway companies alike), infrastructure managers, associations, etc. Today, the CER represents more than 60% of the European railway network, on which 85% of the performances in freight transport and practically all of the performances in passenger transport in Europe take place. The CER’s primary mission is to be a strong partner of EU institutions in the process of proposing, creating and commenting on European railway legislation. At present, CER endeavours to concentrate mainly on the process of deliberating the railway package in individual EU institutions.

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