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New InterPanter electric multiple units commence regular service between Prague and Brno

3.2.2016 - 12:06

The first modern InterPanter electric multiple units have been deployed on the Prague – Brno fast train line, which has a greater number of stops and supplements existing connections between the two cities in the InterCity category. Passengers will enjoy a high level of comfort aboard the new trains including air conditioning and a WiFi internet connection. By June, these most modern Czech fast multiple units will have replaced all older trains on this line.

“This year, we have prepared the greatest improvement in fast train connections since 1989. As part of the renewal of our trains, all old carriages dating from the 1970s and 1980s on the Brno – Česká Třebová – Prague fast train line will be replaced during the first half of this year by a total of eight modern InterPanter multiple units. For passengers, this is a big change in the quality of travel. Even on ordinary fast trains, they will experience the same level of comfort as on InterCity and EuroCity trains,” explains Pavel Krtek, ČD’s Chairman. At the same time, the fast train line serves a range of smaller regional centres, and has a total of 12 intermediate stations – in contrast to InterCity trains which stop only twice between Prague and Brno.

The InterPanter is the most modern fast train in the Czech Republic. Its manufacturer, the Ostrava company Škoda Vagonka, a.s., began delivery of InterPanter multiple units last year. The InterPanter’s advantages for passengers are mentioned by Michal Štěpán, ČD’s board member responsible for passenger transport: “The multiple unit represents ČD’s first low-platform fast train. Thanks to this design, it can be easily boarded by mothers with prams, people using wheelchairs, seniors and cyclists. It is equipped with air conditioning and a WiFi internet connection.” The multiple unit also offers electrical sockets which can be used to charge laptops and mobile telephones, as well as other small devices which people now use while travelling. Spaces for prams have also been prepared on the train, as have compartments for mothers travelling with small children. Other passengers will thus not be disturbed during the journey by children playing. Passengers who work with a laptop or just want to set down their things will certainly welcome the retractable or folding tables for individual seats, and cyclists will appreciate the more than ten spaces available for stowing bicycles.

Modern InterPanter multiple units will be deployed gradually on the Brno – Česká Třebová – Prague line, and will be guaranteed on all connections starting no later than July.

During the 2016 timetable, ČD will realise the largest renewal of regular fast connections since 1989. In addition to the Brno – Česká Třebová – Prague line, InterPanter multiple units have also been operating since December 2015 on the Brno – Břeclav – Přerov – Olomouc line. Additional modernised carriages will also be deployed on fast trains on the Brno – Olomouc – Šumperk, Prague – Plzeň, and Prague – České Budějovice lines.

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