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ČD to select a supplier for electric fast-train multiple units for use on domestic routes

20.4.2016 - 13:02

Czech Railways (ČD) has announced a negotiated procedure with publication to select a supplier for up to 20 modern disabled-accessible electric multiple units for inland fast-train connections. ČD will conclude a framework contract with the winner that will enable it to order up to 20 electric multiple units for an estimated CZK 4.6 billion. Deliveries of individual trains, however, will be realised according to the carrier’s needs arising under concluded contracts for provision of transport service.

“As part of our preparations for the opening of the long-distance rail passenger transport market in the Czech Republic and for a tender for long-distance lines, we have decided to select a supplier for disabled-accessible electric multiple units at the present time. Deliveries of the individual trains, which will include a detailed specification for particular units, e.g. with respect to the number of carriages and the capacity of each multiple unit, will be based on the requirements of the authority ordering the transport service for the line in question. We will thus have trains produced in only the number and configurations that we will need to provide the relevant transport service ordered by our customer,” explains ČD Chairman Pavel Krtek. This approach will enable ČD to react flexibly to tenders and to the drawing of the European funds from which the purchase of the electric multiple units will be financed.

Despite the fact that ČD is counting on variability in orders of multiple units for specific lines, the producer must satisfy a range of demanding qualifying conditions and parameters stipulated in the tender for the new trains. Michal Štěpán, ČD’s Board Member responsible for passenger transport, lists some of these: “The trains we order must travel at a speed of at least 160 km/h, and must also be fully air-conditioned and disabled-accessible. The boarding areas and a large portion of the interior area must have a low-platform configuration, and the rendering of the interiors must be based on our design manual. Open carriages must therefore include seats facing the same direction with folding tables as well as seats facing each other with larger tables, in order for passengers to be able to select a suitable seat. They will of course include a modern audio-visual information system with LCD monitors, 230V electrical sockets and USB connectors for charging passengers’ small electronic devices, Wi-Fi equipment for internet connectivity, and space for stowing prams, bicycles and other voluminous luggage. For passengers travelling with small children, seats will be designated that should be separated from other seats at least with a glass panel.

Another matter of course will be button-operated doors, which can be blocked not only while the train is in motion, but also at the station on the side facing the track bed. Passenger safety in rail transport will thus be significantly enhanced. Closed-system WC units will include one that is disabled-accessible and furnished with a changing table for mothers travelling with infants. The trains will be constructed for lines electrified with both commonly used systems, 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz AC.

The tender will encompass not only the delivery of the multiple units themselves, but also a sufficient quantity of spare parts for maintenance by means of a so-called exchange system and a set of periodic repairs.

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