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ČD transports 1 million more passengers than last year during the first 5 months of 2017

3.7.2017 - 13:59

The long-term trend of growing interest in the national railway carrier’s services continues. During the first 5 months of this year, Czech Railways (ČD) transported 71.849 million passengers, i.e. 1.017 million more passengers (+1.4%) more than during the same period last year. Moreover, the company’s transport performance increased as well, reaching 3.025 billion passenger kilometres, which is almost 3.8% more than during the same period last year.

“We are recording rising passenger numbers in inland as well as international transport. Mainly, these are lines where we have modernised the trains or significantly shortened travel times. These include, for example, the Prague – České Budějovice route, where ČD introduced the new “Jižní expres” line with the last timetable. This line covers the distance between the regional and national capitals in two hours, which is 20 minutes faster,” says Michal Štěpán, ČD’s board member responsible for passenger transport. There is also long-term growth in interest in the Prague – Plzeň – Cheb and Prague – Ostrava region routes, and the national carrier has recorded an appreciable number of new passengers in suburban transport in large agglomerations, where a train journey is faster than driving a car in stop-and-go traffic.

Compared to 2010 figures, ČD recorded 8.5 million more journeys realised last year and the total distance which people travelled by train rose by more than 800 million kilometres. “Today, every Czech travels approximately 100 kilometres more per year than eight years ago, and the number is rising this year too,” adds Michal Štěpán.

In 2016, ČD transported 171.5 million passengers, which was 1.775 million more passengers than in 2015. Transport performance reached 7.38 billion passenger kilometres, which was 210 million passenger kilometres more than in 2015.

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