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Prague has become the capital city of European railways today

3.7.2017 - 14:03

In June, Czech Railways (ČD) and its subsidiary, vehicle repair company Dílny pro opravy vozidel (DPOV), launched a project to modernise the interiors of Pendolino high-speed trains. During the coming months, all seven electric multiple units will undergo a rejuvenation treatment.

“In refurbishing the Pendolinos’ amenities, we’re focusing in particular on the interiors of passenger compartments and WCs, as well as the bistro compartment. These are furnishings which, after 12 years intensive operation, are showing signs of wear. There will be new seats, wall coverings, floors, luggage racks and WCs. The electrical sockets and lighting will be replaced as well,” explains Miroslav Kupec, ČD’s Board Member responsible for technology, service and property. “We’ll also add modern amenities that weren’t common aboard trains 12 years ago. For example, we’ll install a visual information system for passengers, as well as a small children’s cinema similar to the ones offered on railjet trains.”

“The first refurbishment has already begun on electric multiple unit 680.005. Due to its kilometres of operation, this unit was subjected in April to greater periodic repairs, during which we installed completely repaired bogies from DPOV PSO Nymburk,” says Roman Kott, Chairman of ČD’s subsidiary ČD Dílny pro opravy vozidel (DPOV).

“During the course of May, we then began preparatory work on equipping the workshop where the Pendolino interiors will be refurbished. This is located in the premises of JLV Prague, and will enable us to modernise an entire 200-metre electric multiple unit divided into two parts in a closed hall on two parallel tracks. We completed these preparations at the beginning of June, and during June on a DKV Praha siding we also began the refurbishment by disassembling the original interior. At the beginning of July, electric multiple unit 680.005 will be moved to the newly prepared premises at JLV Prague, where the refurbishment will continue with the installation of new interiors and amenities. The entire project will run not only this year, but will also continue during 2018,” adds Roman Kott.

Interesting facts about the modernisation of Pendolino high-speed trains:

  • Pendolinos have now travelled more than 26.25 million kilometres in total, and electric multiple unit 680.006 leads the fleet with nearly 4 million kilometres;
  • They have transported more than 12 million passengers;
  • 49 carriages will be modernised (2 of which after undergoing repairs at the company Alstom following an accident with a lorry last year);
  • 2,331 seats will be replaced;
  • 196 LCD monitors will be installed as part of the new visual information system;
  • New LED lighting will replace the existing fluorescent lighting;
  • A new children’s cinema will be installed in each unit.
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