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Shopping in the My Train Application to Be Simpler, It Will Be Possible to Buy Tickets in a Few Clicks

18.6.2020 - 14:06

In these days, České dráhy is going to release, for download, a new version of the My Train application, which is to simplify the purchase of tickets in a significant way. It will be possible to buy them much faster than in the past, and in fact just in a few clicks. The update will come to the existing users gradually, not later than by the end of June.

The updated version of the My Train application brings a significant simplification of the shopping process. This process will be shortened after modifications virtually to one half. “During the update, we have used the development of new technologies and at the same time we responded to the wishes of our users who were sending us their ideas concerning improvement of individual functions,” explains Roman Menc, ČD Web Manager and one of the application creators, adding: “It is the second largest update of the application in its history. The first one has brought implementation of the “In Karta” card for mobile phones. The new version will be received by users gradually with updates, the others can download it into a smartphone free of charge from Google Play or App Store. We suppose the update to be released to existing users on a gradual basis until the end of this month.”

The application update brings many improvements. “Passengers can buy a ticket with a lower number of clicks. An advantage is also that the application is newly able to display the exact price of the service found already at the beginning of the shopping process, or it makes it possible to quickly toggle between car classes, including an immediate price calculation. We simplified the entering of individual categories of passengers as well,” says Roman Menc and adds another essential change: “Passengers themselves will be able to choose a suitable type of the ticket. Where it is possible to obtain a ticket linked to a particular train, the application will ask whether customers prefer a cheaper ticket linked to a particular train, or whether they prefer a ticket providing certain flexibility.” Other innovations include also a possibility of buying a ticket for the 1st class in a part of the route only and notifications of deviations from the train configuration planned.

Push notifications with service information

At the same time, České dráhy starts to send news of service nature in the application by way of push notifications. “It will not operate as a channel for sending commercial offers, but for important notices only. We plan the sending of notifications or e-mail messages as an information service in case that the service parameters are modified, i.e. if there is a change in train configuration, route, time table or any parameter which has an influence on the journey,” says Roman Menc.

Visual appearance of the application was not subject to a major change. The well-arranged, intuitive interface is, in fact, just one of many of its benefits. Specification, development and testing of the entire update lasted for almost one year. The original application has been operating for six years and for this time it has achieved a number of awards. It is highly popular with users as well. Its services are used by hundreds of thousands of ČD passengers and their score given to the application at Apple Store and Google Play achieves an average value of 4.4 when the highest possible score is 5.

Comprehensive travel services in your mobile phone

The high popularity of the application is connected with its simple and practical use. The tickets purchased in the My Train application need not be printed anywhere, of course. During a check onboard the train it is sufficient to show the 2D code displayed in the mobile phone. The application makes it possible to buy tickets to a number of neighbouring countries too.

The My Train application contains time tables, current information on extraordinary situations and outages, messages concerning trains, including the planned configuration and services provided onboard the train sets. It brings also current messages about the train journey in the on-line mode. Although its name is “My Train”, passengers will find there interesting information about railway stations as well: an overview of current departures, including possible delays, numbers of platforms from which the trains depart, services provided at the station, including the opening hours or the data relating to barrier-free access for both persons with impaired mobility and people with visual or hearing impairments.

The application makes travelling in the Czech Republic as well as abroad flexible and very easy. It is possible to set out on a journey without complex formalities, visits to ticket offices and without many different documents. All what passengers need for their journey they have directly in their mobile phone.

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