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Sale of Rail Vehicles Intended for Physical Liquidation as Scrap Metal and its Transport for Smelting

ČD realises sales of rail vehicles for scrap in the form of a non-binding bidding process. The terms and conditions are specified in the specifications. The bidding process consists of two rounds.

In the first round, bidders submit bids according to the terms set out in the specifications. After obtaining bids, a nominated commission conducts a preliminary evaluation of the bids, and ranks them in descending order of the value of the bid, i.e. the bidder offering the highest price will be ranked first. In the second round, ČD’s negotiating team will call upon only those bidders whose bids ranked in the top five to negotiate on the price, specifying the place and time, and sending a table with the total prices bid by the top five bidders in the preliminary ranking from the first round, without specifying the bidders’ names.

The bidders are invited to negotiate individually on the price in the order opposite to that of the ranking from the first round, i.e. from fifth place until first place in the preliminary ranking. In the negotiation, the purchaser may only increase the previous offer. A protocol is prepared of negotiations on the price in the second round.

After the second round, the evaluation commission will determine the winning bidder. The winning bidder is bound by the offered price for a minimum of 30 days from the announcement of the result. During this period, the seller and the buyer will sign a purchase agreement on the sale of the rail vehicle intended for physical liquidation as scrap metal.


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