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Sale of Unneeded Supplies

ČD offers unneeded material for sale from its assets to interested physical and legal persons – business entities, enthusiast organisations and other physical persons – under ČD’s General Terms and Conditions.

These are unneeded supplies which are physically located in the relevant organisational component. The price of the material will be communicated on the basis of a specific enquiry (bid). Value-added tax (VAT) will be added to the price at the valid statutory rate, as well as any expenses for delivery of the material.

Request to Submit a Bid

The Request to Submit a Bid (“Žádost o zaslání cenové nabídky”) must be sent by the interested party at least in electronic form (by email) to the relevant employee specified for the specific material – item.

Terms and conditions of sale

The terms and conditions are governed by ČD’s General Terms and Conditions set by the CEO, and will be communicated to the interested party when sending the bid.

Overview of unneeded supplies for sale

The overview of unneeded supplies for sale currently contains a specific overview of items. This overview will be updated regularly (once or twice per year). In most cases, the overview contains ČD’s internal number, the name of the material, design number, unit quantity, number of units for sale, place of storage and specific details for sending the bid.

Nabídka nepotřebných zásob - seznam (1.10.2013) (1514 kB)
(Offer of Unneeded Supplies - list (1 February 2012))


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