About the company

The company České dráhy, a.s., carries on an almost two-hundred-year-long tradition of rail transport in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. Our goal is to provide modern services in the areas of personal and freight transport, logistics, and IT. With more than twenty thousand employees, the ČD Group is among the most significant employers on the Czech labor market.

Goals and vision 

We started with horse-drawn carriages, now we dispatch over 2.5 million trains every year. We’re part of the pan-European rail network and keeping pace with it; and we continually strive to improve our services and quality — for passengers, clients, customers, and our employees. Our long-term strategy is to be a competitive, profitable, and modern company with a strong position on the railway market. We are becoming that company through our approved 2030 Strategy:

  • We’re modernizing our fleet of vehicles — we’re currently putting dozens of new RegioPanter units into operation, and new express ComfortJet units, regional PESA units, and Vectron locomotives are being manufactured for us. That includes facilities for their maintenance, which is generating qualified jobs for many of our new and existing colleagues.
  • We enable our customers to buy services easily, quickly, and intuitively through our mobile applications as well as our web interface.
  • We provide a flexible approach and stability to our corporate customers, land regions, and other customers through long-standing relationships with government agencies.
  • Through a variety of campaigns, we’re popularizing low-emission personal transport. Did you know that rail transport accounts for only half a percent of total transport emissions in our country?


ČD’s governing bodies

České dráhy’s Organizational Units 


Quality Management System

The national carrier Czech Railways devotes considerable effort to modernization and continuous improvement of its activities and processes. As a major employer, we also focus on our role in the area of social responsibility. That is why we place emphasis on quality and compliance with legal requirements in our activities. 

One of the tools for achieving these goals is the established and certified quality management system, occupational health and safety management system and, since 2015, the energy management system. ČD has this management system set up according to the internationally recognized requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.