On Saturday and Sunday, May 11 and 12, railway history fans can visit the ČD Railway Museum in Lužná u Rakovníka. České dráhy is working on preparation of a Steam Weekend for these days, where unique steam locomotives will be presented to the Museum visitors in their full beauty. A special historical train will run from Prague to Lužná and back on both the days of the weekend. At this weekend event at the ČD Museum, the sale of the new beer special brand "Šlechtična" will be launched, through the purchase of which the customers will support the repair of the steam locomotive bearing the same name.

“The biggest attraction during the Steam Weekend at the ČD Museum will be the show of steam locomotives on the turntable, which will be presented there on both Saturday and Sunday, always at 11:15 and 14:15 hours. Visitors can look forward to a ride from Prague to Lužná offered by special trains pulled alternatively by the steam locomotive “Rosnička” (meaning “Tree Frog”) and diesel locomotive “Brejlovec” (Spectacled Snake),” says Marek Plochý, Director of the České dráhy’s Historical Vehicles Centre: “The event organisers have prepared also night photographing of locomotives for railway connoisseurs, which is to take place on Saturday, May 11, from 20:30 to 22:30 hours.”

Historical locomotives at the ČD Museum Turntable. Source: ČD Archive.
ČD Museum

On Saturday, May 11, passengers can take a ride to Lužná on the board of a steam train pulled by the Rosnička (Tree Frog) steam locomotive (464.202). It will leave at 8:29 hours from Praha hl.n. and will take passengers to Lužná u Rakovníka via Hostivice and Kladno with the arrival time at 10:40 hours. A one-way ticket costs CZK 420 (discounted fare being CZK 350) and the ticket also serves as an entrance ticket to the ČD Museum.

For the return journey from Lužná to Prague on Saturday, May 11, it will be possible to use a special historical train consisting of diesel locomotive Brejlovec (Spectacled Snake) (T478.3300) and a double-decker unit (Bpjo). The train will depart from Lužná u Rakovníka at 15:00 hours and will arrive at Praha hl.n. at 16:48 hours. Passengers will pay CZK 150 for a one-way ticket (the discounted fare price being CZK 120).

On Sunday, May 12, the train sets of nostalgic trains will be exchanged. From Prague to Lužná, a historical train pulled by the Bardotka (Bardot) (T478.1008) / Brejlovec (Spectacled Snake) (T478.3300) locomotive will transport the Museum visitors. The train will depart at 8:29 hours and will arrive at Lužná via Hostivice and Kladno at 10:15 hours. One-way tickets for this train are available for CZK 330 (discounted tickets for CZK 270). The ticket is also valid as an entrance ticket to the ČD Museum.

On Sunday, those interested can take a ride with a steam train from Lužná to Prague. The steam train, to be pulled by the Rosnička (Tree Frog) (464.202) locomotive, will leave the Lužná railway station at 15:00 hours and will arrive at the Praha hl.n. railway station at 17:15 hours. A one-way ticket for this steam train costs CZK 250 (the discounted fare price being CZK 200).

The price of the tickets for these historical trains is the same from all stations on the train route. The tickets can be purchased in advance at all ČD ticket offices and from the ČD E-shop.

The steam train will also run on both the weekend days from Lužná u Rakovníka to Nové Strašecí, Rakovník, Krupá or Kolešovice. The tickets will be sold directly on the board of these steam trains. Only return tickets will be on sale as follows:

  • Lužná u Rakovníka – Krupá or Rakovník and back: CZK 200 / CZK 160,
  • Lužná u Rakovníka – Nové Strašecí or Kolešovice and back: CZK 250 / CZK 200.

The following steam locomotives will be on display at the ČD Museum in Lužná u Rakovníka on the weekend of May 11 and 12:

  • 213.902 (BéeSka – Výtopna Zlíchov) (BS – Zlíchov Engine House),
  • 310.072 (Kafemlejnek) (Coffee Grinder),
  • 354.195 (Všudybylka) (I’ve Been Everywhere),
  • 354.7152 (Sedma – KHKD) (Seven – Club of the History of Rail Traffic),
  • 431.032 (Ventilovka – Muzeum starých strojů a technologií, z.s. / Žamberk) (Ventilovka nickname referring to an atypical valve-based steam distribution system – Museum of old machines and technology)
  • 434.2186 (Čtyřkolák) (Four-Wheeler),
  • 464.102 (Ušatá – NTM) (Long Eared – National Technical Museum),
  • 464.202 (Rosnička – NTM) (Tree Frog – National Technical Museum),
  • 475.111 (Šlechtična – IMC Plzeň) (Noble Woman – Iron Monument Club of Pilsen)
  • 477.013 (Papoušek/Papagáj – KŽHV Poprad) (Parrot – Club of Rail Historical Vehicles of Poprad).

Visitors can also look for the fire intervention train of Správa železnic (Railway Infrastructure Administration) and the weekend attractions will include rides on the extended narrow-gauge circuit with a steam locomotive as well.

More details about the Steam Weekend are available on the website www.cdnostalgie.cz and also on the portal Vlakem na výlet offering interesting tips for train trips.

Special beer named “Šlechtična”

České dráhy has prepared a special beer brand for railway fans this year again. In cooperation with the experimental brewery “Proud” of Plzeňský Prazdroj, and more specifically its Elektrárna (Power Station) brand, they will offer a beer special called “Šlechtična” referring to the famous steam locomotive. It will be available for purchase for the first time this weekend at the museum in Lužná. Towards the end of May, this special beer will appear in ČD Minibars too. At the same time, thanks to very good cooperation with colleagues from Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s., a new restaurant will be opened in June at the newly reconstructed main station in Pilsen, where this beer special “Šlechtična” will be available on tap. From every pint of the beer special, CZK 5 will be donated for the repair of the steam locomotive “Šlechtična” 475.179 (Noble Woman).

"Šlechtična" Beer Label

The steam locomotive 475.179 Šlechtična (Noble Woman), also known as Děčínská Liza (Decin Lisa) or Pětasedma (Five-and-Seven), was produced in 1948 in Škoda Plzeň. During its 30 years of active services, it passed through many depots and since 1981 it has become a museum exhibit. In addition to many trips in our country, it has participated in several international events. After many years of nostalgic operation services, the locomotive unfortunately lost its boiler capability. However, České dráhy has decided to bring this beautiful locomotive back to its working order, and therefore it has established a special collection to save this unique steam locomotive. Funds are collected on the collection account of the Nadace Okřídlené kolo (Winged Wheel Foundation).

Railway fans can support the repair of the "Slechtična" locomotive by buying a special beer. Source: ČD Archive.
Steem locomotive "Šlechtična"
Steem locomotives "Papoušek" ("Parrot") in the ČD Museum. Author: Marek Plochý.
Steem locomotives "Papoušek" ("Parrot") in the ČD Museum