Already since the first half of October, it has been possible to buy tickets for České dráhy train connections in the new Timetable 2024, which is to start on 10 December, in the advance sale at ČD ticket counters. Since the beginning of this week, the advance sale of electronic tickets in the E-Shop and in the "Můj vlak" ("My Train") application and of reservations for long-distance trains managed by the reservation system of České dráhy has also been launched. The advance-sale period for most connections of České dráhy is up to 60 days. The advance sale will be available at current prices until 9 December 2023.

“It has been possible to buy tickets useable for the services of České dráhy operated in the 2024 Timetable at ticket counters in the classical 60-day advance sale system already since the first half of October. During these days, we have launched the advance sale of tickets and reservations via the E-Shop and the My Train application. Currently, tickets and reservations can be purchased for Advent, Christmas holiday seasons and the end of the year,” says Jiří Ješeta, Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Director General of České dráhy for Passenger Transport, and adds, “Our sales system offers tickets for more than 8,700 trains which České dráhy is introducing in the 2024 timetable and reservations for approximately 500 long-distance services managed by our reservation system. We sell tickets between several hundreds of tariff points in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our sales system thus works with several millions of combinations with different boarding and destination stations, transfer links and discounts.”

"Můj vlak" app

Through the ticket counters of České dráhy, the E-Shop and My Train application, it is also possible to purchase tickets for thousands of foreign train services and to make reservations for hundreds of long-distance trains managed by the reservation systems of partner railway carriers. Currently, tickets and reservations are available for trains in Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Ticket sales for selected trains on transport services with Poland and Hungary will be available during November. Similarly, tickets and bookings for some services affected by e.g., closure activities may not be available until during the month of November. For example, reservations for the EN Canopus night service to Zurich will therefore only be available later on.

České dráhy offers tickets through its E-Shop and "Můj vlak" ("My Train") application not only within the framework of the Czech Republic and to neighbouring countries, but also, for example, to Hungary and other European destinations such as Zagreb, Ljubljana, Rome, Swiss cities from Zurich to Geneva, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Kiev. Currently, for example, the price of First Minute tickets including reservations from Prague to Vienna and Bratislava is from CZK 374, to Berlin and Cracow from CZK 349, to Hamburg and Frankfurt on Main from CZK 473, to Poprad-Tatry from CZK 448 or to Kiev from CZK 1,716. First Minute Europe tickets are also offered from Brno, Ostrava and other places of the Czech Republic.

In addition, a 60-day advance sale of tickets and reservations for the 2024 Timetable at the currently valid basic prices is running until 9 December 2023, both at ticket offices, in the E-Shop and in the "Můj vlak ("My Train") application.

ČD Ticket office