České dráhy will adjust its kilometre tariff and the offers derived from it for the 2024 timetable in the same way as it is to happen for the National Single Tariff and OneTicket System. This step will mean an average tariff increase by 9.5%. The adjustment reflects the development of the inflation rate, as well as the rising prices of various inputs over the past year, e.g., in the area of maintenance, diesel oil supplies, prices of spare parts and other items affecting the costs of provision of transport services. Until 9 December it will be possible to purchase tickets, including advance sales for 2 months, at the currently applicable prices. It means that the higher price level of the tickets may only be realistically reflected in the costs of travelling during the first quarter of 2024.

České dráhy will adjust its kilometre tariffs and the offers derived from them as at the usual deadline for the introduction of the new timetable 2024. That is why this year, the new tariffs will apply from 10 December. The company last adjusted its basic kilometre tariff on 11 December 2022.


The basic kilometre price list of ČD for national transport will increase on average by about 9.5%, which is the same increase as the one concerning the National Single Tariff and OneTicket System, which features special defined rules for increasing the price level in relation to the inflation rate development. A price adjustment of this magnitude will be reflected in all offerings which are derived from the kilometre-based fare, e.g., Flexi Basic Tickets, Commuter Tickets, Regional Tickets, etc. Particular examples of changes relating to Flexi basic fares, i.e., basic fares without discounts, are provided for in the table below.

Modification of prices of the ČD Flexi basic fare (fare without any discounts)
Distance Current price New price Difference
10 km 31 Kč 34 Kč + 3 Kč
45 km 92 Kč 101 Kč + 9 Kč
100 km 188 Kč 205 Kč + 17 Kč

10-day Commuter Ticket will become cheaper, the prices of Flexi Reduced Tickets and Tickets with an Obligatory Train will respond to demand and train usage

At the same time, the price of the 10-day Commuter Ticket will be reduced from 10 December. A large number of passengers continue to use the option of working from home to varying extents. České dráhy wants to encourage these people to use rail travels for their transport to work, and therefore it offers a 10-day Commuter Ticket which can be used on any 10 days during its monthly (30-day) validity for travelling between their home and the place of business of their employer, for example. The price calculation for this ticket will be adjusted in such a manner that it will be slightly cheaper than the prices applied in 2023.

The prices of Flexi Reduced Tickets and Tickets with an Obligatory Train will continue to flexibly respond to travel demand. Their current price depends, for example, on the time of purchase before the journey, demand for travel on a particular line or on a given train connection and on other factors dynamically affecting the price. In response to these factors, the price increases for these offers will be flexible and will oscillate within a range of up to 9.5%. The currently applied prices at the time of purchase are available, for example, in the E-shop or in the My Train application and are always lower than the Flexi basic fare.

České dráhy will be selling its tickets according to the currently charged prices until midnight on 9 December 2023, including a two-month advance sale. In the case of tickets purchased in the presale mode, it will still be possible to travel at the beginning of February at the originally charged prices, and in the case of a quarterly ticket, for example, passengers will be able to travel at the current prices until May next year.

In 2024, the carrier will also continue in the strategy of rolling stock renewal and extension of the services offered. České dráhy plans to put the most modern ComfortJet express train sets into service in 2024 and will also continue to replace older train sets with new RegioPanter and RegioFox multiple units. Dozens of new train sets will be deployed by this carrier on its operated lines. It will also increase the number of barrier-free trains, trains with on-board Wi-Fi network equipment or with the possibility of charging travel electronic appliances (such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) during the journey. The company plans to invest approximately CZK 100 billion in new trains.